the future of beverage

BevLab is an award winning ongoing exploration in flavour, experimentation, and co-creation at the intersection of food, design, and technology. It's one of many food related projects developed by i & j ideations.


Have you ever wondered what it might be like to drink a cloud? Delicate, ethereal, and flavourful, Cloud Cocktails are the perfect interest piece for any reception, whether integrated into a classic bar setting or introduced as a special installation.

In this offering, one or more base cocktails will be developed according to your preferences, each accompanied by suggested cloud flavour pairings. Clouds can be sipped on their own or topped over beverages, both alcoholic and non, creating a temporary change in the flavour profile being experienced. Each cloud flavour allows for a single cocktail to be experienced in multiple ways.


The live creation of flash frozen ice cream is an engaging experience and captivating show with delicious results.

The Liquid Nitrogen Cocktail (alcoholic or non) is a unique service that is adaptable to suit any occasion, whether it be presented as a specialty aperitif or during dessert. Production aesthetic will be tailored to suit the context of the event; from creating customized servings according to individual tastes, to installing a large scale mixer with regular ‘production’ shows.

This frozen treat can be produced in a variety of flavours and custom flavours can be developed upon request.


Frozen pearls are beautifully frosted droplets of beverage that have been flash frozen with liquid nitrogen. Live preparation of the pearls offers an exciting and eventful experience for your guests. Offering up a platform for an endless combination of flavours, pearls can change the way in which conventional cocktails are consumed.

This service can be presented as a specialty cocktail, or can be added to compliment an existing dish.


The Spherification Cocktail re-imagines traditional cocktail service by encapsulating beverage elements within a spherical membrane.

Presenting cocktails in a truly novel and highly entertaining manner, guests experience a delicious beverage as an exploding sphere that surprises with intense flavour and fizz. These bursting spheres can be served as mixed drinks, shots, or garnishes.


Although being offered ice in your beverage is customary, have you ever been offered a beverage in your ice? The Ice Sphere inverts the concept of a chilled drink; a stunning presentation of beverage packaged inside a spherical crystal shell.

An elegant and unique method of serving cocktails, this service brings an interactive element to the table, as guests must break the ice in order to access their cocktail. Ice spheres can be injected with virtually any liquid, and interior and exterior elements can be flavoured in a complementary manner.


Inspire creativity in your guests; facilitate flavour exploration and experimentation at your event with the installation of a Create Your Own Cocktail bar.

With the ability to mix and match base alcohols with a variety of flavoured beverages, fresh ingredients, extracts, and seasonings, guests can fully immerse themselves in the creation of their own personalized cocktail. Base cocktail ingredients will be tailored to your event and bottling services are also available, should guests wish to take their custom beverage as a souvenir.