the future of beverage

BevLab is an award winning ongoing exploration in flavour, experimentation, and co-creation at the intersection of food, design, and technology. It's one of many food related projects developed by i & j ideations.

the cloud

The cloud generator emerged from a conceptualization session around the future of beverage. As an engineer, the classic approach to revamping any system is to reverse-engineer it. We first worked with cola and broke it down into it's base flavorings, which included many beautiful natural ingredients. In an effort to take the deconstruction one step further we thought to eliminate the most common association with beverage, phase, and developed a process to create table top clouds. We quickly learned that the clouds could be poured into glasses, sipped through straws, layered over one another, or over other beverages.

The cloud itself plays to the physiology of taste and flavour, as the majority of flavour detection occurs within the retronasal olfactory system (basically your nasal passage connected to the back of your mouth). In typical food consumption we taste with the taste buds on our tongues, then as we chew we generate tiny aerosols (like The Cloud) that proceed to stimulate the olfactory neurons that differentiate the 10,000+ flavours the brain can detect.