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BevLab is an award winning ongoing exploration in flavour, experimentation, and co-creation at the intersection of food, design, and technology. It's one of many food related projects developed by i & j ideations.

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Living Foods Work & Play Shop With Dr. Rhea

In this 2-hour session, we will activate your senses, tantalize your taste buds, and energize your bodies with superfoods! Get ready to learn, indulge, and drink your way to a healthier you. 


Visit this station to learn all about the benefits of soaking and sprouting nuts, seeds and grains. You'll learn the technique and you'll taste the difference! 


Get your hands dirty at our build-your-own-superfood dessert station! Create quick, healthy and mega tasty energy balls, ideal for snacks, kids, workouts and travel. 

Educate and Celebrate

This is your opportunity to ask Health & Lifestyle Coach, Dr. Rhea Mehta, your burning questions. We'll also be showing you how to create balanced smoothies and faux lattes in the blender. And you guessed it, we'll toast to pre-digested blended bliss! 

Later Event: November 15